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+ What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is an FDA approved treatment, non-surgical, non-invasive technique that is both safe and highly effective. In United States this technique has gained popularity in the last three years. This technique was however developed over a decade ago in France. Among its benefits it has proven to increase circulation by up to 400%, to relieve minor muscles aches and pains as well as relax muscle spasm.

And, as demonstrated over the past studies around the world, Endermologie has also proven to be extremely effective in reducing cellulite, men “love handles”, loose pectoral tissue, toning skin, improving the appearance of stretch marks and, after liposuction, counteracting the rippling and hard fat deposits that occur after the chirurgic procedure.

The cellulite smoothing effects are a result of the massaging of the affected areas, and the increase in body circulation. The fat cells are broken down and removed by the body process. The smoothing effects are not a result of reduction in fat or the growth of new blood vessels but the creation of collagen bands that run parallel to the surface of the skin.

Endermologie involves the use of a motorized device with two adjustable rollers and controlled suction, which creates a symmetrical skin-fold, temporarily stimulating circulation to the area. The skin gently folds and unfolds under the continuous action of the rollers allowing for smooth and regulated deep tissue mobilization.

As the viscosity of the subcutaneous fat layer decreases, blood flow and lymphatic drainage increase, facilitating the elimination of excess fluid and metabolites, while improving overall cellular function. This machine-assisted massage system allows positive pressure rolling, in conjunction with applied negative pressure to the skin and subcutaneous tissues to improve body contour and skin texture.

Taking into account every region of the body, this technique boosts the body’s major cleansing mechanisms, including lymphatic drainage, purging the inner environment contained within the body’s smooth and supple outer shell.

Endermologie actively and passively stimulates muscles, supplying them with essential nutrients, and provides resistance training to create toned and shaped curves.

+ Is this also a treatment for men?

Unique and totally natural, Endermologie has been demonstrated to enhance athletic capability and sports performance through improved circulation and neuromuscular efficiency. Hundreds of physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and coaches have become advocates of this treatment technique for maximizing physical results and speeding recovery following training.

As a post-training modality, Endermologie reduces stiffness, decreases edema and diminishes the degree of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Endermologie can restore muscular strength by up to 75% within the first 48 hours and can help the body to recover from fatigue up to 3 times faster, allowing you to return to training sooner with less chance of injury.

Endermologie is a revolutionary new technology that enables both superficial and deep muscular structures to be affected aiding the elimination of waste products created during intense physical exercise. After solid results from numerous scientific studies, Endermologie is proving to be the world’s fastest growing leader in the treatment of connective tissue pain and dysfunction. Endermologie is currently performed in more than 80 countries around the world.

+ Does it really work? Have you seen results?

Yes, it does work, as demonstrated over the past 12 years in thousands of case studies from around the world.  It was enough proof for the FDA to authorize the manufacturer to claim temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The FDA is renown for its strictest scientific standards worldwide.

+ How many Endermologie treatments can I have in one week?

The average number of treatments is two per week. If you are simultaneously in the process of losing a significant amount of weight or if you have a long-term problematic cellulite condition, one treatment per week is recommended. More than two sessions per week will not bring faster results.

+ How long does a session last? Do you just work on my problem areas?

Sessions last an average of 35 minutes. Your problem areas are focused on, but time is given to other areas to stimulate general circulation and elimination.

+ How many sessions before I see results?

Usually people see changes within 6 or 7 sessions, but 14 is the average number of suggested treatments. Monthly maintenance sessions are suggested thereafter.

+ Does Endermologie® help me lose weight?

No, the Endermologie® machine has not been proven to help with weight loss. The FDA allows the following claims in relation to beauty: to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and to reduce circumferential body measurements in cellulite-treated areas, it is not a weight-loss device.  In fact, the results of Endermologie will likely be enhanced if you are at your ideal body weight.

+ Does this replace exercise?

No. In fact, it is highly recommended that you add diet and exercise to the routine you follow while undergoing Endermologie® treatments. In most cases, this improves results.

+ Does the machine tone the skin?

Patients have been thrilled with the results, and have themselves also claimed an improvement in skin tone and appearance of stretch marks. Such claims, while entirely subjective and not documented by medical evidence, nonetheless demonstrate the extent of patient satisfaction. 

+ Why are pantyhose worn when receiving treatments?

Pantyhose allows the Endermologie® treatment head to glide more easily over the body and insures optimal hygiene.

+ Why not just buy a hand-held machine for $99? 

First, logically, it is like comparing a hand-held vacuum to the best, highest tech, commercial vacuum.  Second and most important, they are not FDA-approved and have no scientific evidence to back them.

+ What is the difference between Endermologie®and liposuction? Can it be used instead of liposuction?

Endermologie®, unlike liposuction, does not involve breaking through the skin in any way. Some people try Endermologie® first and then choose to wait to receive liposuction. Some choose to receive both as part of a dual treatment to their problem. Endermologie® is being used and studied by some of the most well known practitioners of liposuction in the world.

+ Why are photos taken before & after the treatment?

Photos are taken to provide an accurate record of improvements and to help the Endermologie® practitioner provide better treatments through comparative analysis.

+ I don't want anyone to see my pictures. Do you protect my privacy?

Only your therapist and attendant staff will see your photos. If you wish, and you sign a release to that effect, your photos may be used for educational and promotional purposes.

+ What sensations will I experience during the treatment? Does it hurt?

The sensation is similar to a deep massage. Most clients find it quite pleasant. The strength of the treatment can be individually adjusted to your comfort level.

+ What will I feel afterwards?

Most clients report a feeling of relaxation and an increase in energy. Since the Lymph system is stimulated, it is important for the success of your treatment that you drink at least two liters of water every day during the duration of your treatment in order to aid in elimination.

+ Are there any side effects?

Minor, temporary bruising may occur.

+ Can I receive treatments if I am pregnant?

No correlation has been found between Endermologie® and complications in pregnancy. However, it is recommended that during pregnancy you do NOT receive treatments.

+ Can I have Endermologie® treatments if I'm planning to have liposuction?

Yes! Endermologie® is recommended by many plastic surgeons before and after liposuction (especially after).  Endermologie® counteracts the rippling and hard fat deposits than can occur with liposuction.

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE SPECIAL: Buy a package of 14 endermologie treatments, and receive 50% off your monthly maintenance for one full year.

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